Aries – Art for the sign of the Ram

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  • Aries March 21 – April 19
    The concept of Zodiac signs traces its roots back to Babylonian astrology, and even today many of us believe that our characters and personalities are influenced by the timing of our births.
    Aries is often thought of as a somewhat special sign as it is the first of the 12 zodiac signs. It is associated with the planet Mars, and like the planet’s colours, Arians are attracted to bright fiery hues such as red and bright orange, and images that stir the emotions.
    Independence is key to the Aries astrology, their personality type means that are often seen as go-getters and they make good leaders as their upbeat personalities entices those around them to fall in with their plans. More than willing to take a gamble in order to pursue their dreams, those born under the sign of Aries tend to be activists, although they sometimes find their initial interest in a cause waning as they can be afflicted with a lack of patience and a low boredom threshold.
    So keep things fresh by livening up your interior decor with one of our specially selected prints, or treat yourself to one of our fabulous art fashion items.

    Animalism: Ram by Christian Zambruno

    The Aries zodiac sign is symbolised by the image of the ram, so this T-shirt is bound to appeal.

    110 Meters Hurdles by Man-tsun Tsang

    Man-tsung Tsang fills this powerful image full of emotion and energy. When looking at this artwork, you can almost feel the adrenaline rushing through the sprinter’s entire body as he nears the finish line. Each obstacle is displayed, with vivid yellow paint to present the caution each hurdle brings and the force in which the sprinter overcomes these obstacles.

    American Ninja by Robert Farkas

    An interesting illustrative take on the popular cult-film American Ninja by artist Robert Farkas.

    Darth Maul by Eber Riera

    Darth Maul the Dathomirian Zabrak Sith Lord who lived during the waning years of the Galactic Republic and the age of the Galactic Empire, is perfectly captured in this powerful image by talented artist Eber Riera. Perfect for all Star Wars fans.

    Dia De Los Muertos by Kristiina Seppä

    Artist Kristina Seppa illustrates a mystifying woman in this illustration titled “Dia de Los Muertos.” The title of the illustration signifies the most important holiday in Mexico, the day of the dead. Mexican people gather at the graves of their passed loved ones and bring with them the favourite food of the deceased in remembrance of what they enjoyed.

    60’s Pierre Cardin by Yukako Tanaka

    Show your individuality and love of design with this homage to Pierre Cardin – available on a range of clothing. Created by Japanese artist Yukako Tanaka who describes herself as “Curious about ‘triangle’ and ‘geometry’ and ‘IDEA(Plato)’, and also intrigued by evolution”.

    Diavel Speed by Liang Daniel Peh Kok

    Part of our Official Ducati Art Special Collection, Diavel Speed is sure to create a focal point on any wall. Every rider knows “that” very special feeling as the excitement of the ride begins to build. This piece grabs and holds on to that moment the kickstand gets bumped up into place, the power is rolled on and the experience becomes your very own magic carpet ride! Peh has used his unique talent to transport the viewer to that moment in time – the exact moment the rider actually feels the speed and magic of the Diavel. Recreate that sensation every time you look at this piece of art – why wait for the breeze and the sun and the power to rock your world? Have that moment “on demand” in your home!

    I feel the mood… by Ildikó Csegöldi

    Artist Csegoldi Ildiko produces energetic, emotive images, often in an abstract style, and always full of colour and interest. “In my works I try to dress up emotions in beautiful and harmonious forms, to show the depth of everyday life. My goal is to give life to colours and shapes. Paintings are a bridge to my soul.” Csegoldi Ildiko.

    The Wolf of Wall Street by George Townley

    Make a statement with one of the eye catching designs by artist George Townley, who creates unofficial film posters inspired by popular filmmakers such as Stanley Kubrick, Wes Anderson, Martin Scorsese and more, available as posters, canvs prints, acrylic prints and di-bond as well as T-Shirts, Sweatshirts and Hoodies.

    With new images added daily to the site, there has never been a better time to spruce up your living space, update your wardrobe and beautify your life.