The Joy Of Ducati Diavel

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  • Anyone who enjoys riding a motorcycle has heard of Ducati – I mean who hasn’t fallen in love with virtually every motorcycle this legendary Italian company has ever introduced?  Italian beauty, confidence and bold sex appeal is woven into the fabric of every Ducati motorbike.    Long known for designing stunning, sleek and powerful bikes, the name Ducati has always been synonymous with status and prestige – but more importantly – with performance.

    Owning and riding a Ducati motorcycle is a goal of many people around the globe.  That decision used to be as simple as just finding the perfect Ducati for you.  Of course, that’s easier said than done with so many exotic models to choose from.  It’s never been easy to pick THE best Ducati because each model is unique and intriguing – and that fact is still true.

    But then everything changed.  The world – as we all knew it – had been turned upside down the day the Ducati Diavel was unveiled.  The motorcycle world took a collective gasp!

    While the Diavel wasn’t a total departure from Ducati’s iconic style, it was a groundbreaking move for the bold and creative Italian brand.  No one really knew what to expect.   Was the Diavel designed as a “cruiser” or as a sport bike?   The only thing we hoped for was that the new Ducati Diavel better rock our world!  That’s what we had come to expect from our friends at Ducati.

    To no one’s real surprise, the Ducati Diavel DID literally rock the motorcycle world.   Its stance was impressive, athletic and radiated a dominance that bordered on superiority.

    Today, we can’t imagine a motorcycle world without the Diavel.  We simply can’t – and won’t – live without it…

    For those Diavel aficionados, let artwork bring the strength and power of Ducati into your home.


    Cesare Scarselletti

    XDiavel Monochrome

    xdiavel monochrome cesare scarselletti

    For example, Italian-born artist Cesare Scarselletti incorporates subtle hues, dramatic lines and bold strokes to bring out the most exciting features of the celebrated Ducati XDiavel.  Scarselletti uses his artistic prowess to showcase the design and concept behind the New XDiavel:  this bike and this painting show the best of 2 worlds – a Cruiser that’s been infused with high performance and Italian style!


    Pablo Franchi

    Ducati Diavel Carbon 2011

    Ducati-Diavel-Carbon 2011 by Pablo Franchi

    Or, let Buenos Aires-born artist Pablo Franchi uses his architectural background to capture the essence of the Ducati Diavel as it seems to literally come to life on paper with this piece.  Combining clean lines and technical detail with sharp color and shading, this piece is a brilliant reflection of what makes a Ducati a Ducati.  Imagine bringing this piece home – you can almost feel the carbon fiber detail!


    Cesare Scarselletti

    Dark Rider

    Dark Rider by Cesare Scarselletti

    Artist Scarselletti specializes in web, 3D and graphic design.  Known to many by the nick-name “Sinapsicreative”, the artist has a meticulous eye for detail as he creates a fresh and bold visual effect.  In this piece, the artist uses shading, color and dramatic detailing to bring the Ducati Diavel to life.  Bring home the best of the Ducati Diavel – its strength, power and motion.


    Andreas Pietsch

    Diavel On Fire

    Diavel On Fire by Andreas Pietzsch

    Diavel on Fire by Andreas Pietsch says it clearly with this piece: “I am NOT just a cruiser.  Oh – I’m much, much more than that.”  Harness the head-turning design, power and brute force of the Diavel.  Capture the smoldering rage and brute force that can light up the night.  Keep that energy alive – bring it into your home!