Discover Artist Pablo Franchi

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  • We had a chance to talk with one of our fantastic artists: Pablo Franchi.  Find out about his interesting path to becoming the artist that he is through our interview below.


    Tell us a bit about your background

    I started to draw when I was in high school. I am a mechanical technician, and in those years I already had a love for engines. I liked the smell of engines, the grease on my hands and the satisfaction of taking apart and then assembling these engines. Later, I studied architecture and that trained my hand, and I used the technique of sketching to reflect my passion for motorcycles and cars.


    What inspired you to become an artist?

    I love to draw. I love to do drawings on request and look at the face of my clients when they receive a portrait. This is an awesome feeling. With a few lines you can make so happy so many people.

    Ferrari F12 by Pablo Franchi


    What is your preferred painting style and why?

    I would estimate that I’ve drawn at least a hundred and twenty per year in the last seven or eight years. I am happy to work with ink on paper or fabric. In my drawings, I usually do not delete the first few lines of the sketch, which remain there, showing the drawing’s evolution from the beginning. Although I do it less often, I also like working with oil pastels, trying to faithfully recreate the motorcycle or car, but never forgetting that what I do is not a photograph, but an artistic interpretation of what I see.


    What subjects/passions do you like to paint/illustrate and why?

    I love to draw naked bikes. It gives me pleasure to draw the pieces of machinery, pipes, joints etc. Precisely, these are the easiest to draw, because I can make the picture look good almost without my help. The hardest motorcycles are those without details, as my technique requires that the lines cross generate light and shadow, and with that kind of motorcycles, these are very few.

    Ducati 750 Sport 1973 by Pablo Franchi


    Where do you find your inspiration from?

    I love design. I love objects that have been well designed. It seems important to tribute, in my way, those who were able to achieve these pieces of art.


    What piece of artwork are you most proud of and why?

    Right now I love my last work: a giant watch, bigger than me, made in ink on canvas. Finishing it took me three months, but I’m very happy with the results. Also the client: now this drawing is in his office and he look at it every day.

    Pablo Franchi drawing a tag heuer watch


    If you had not become an artist, what would you be doing right now?

    I would be learning to draw…


    What would you say to those who are inspiring to become an artist just like you?

    Just do it. That’s a trade mark? You must draw or paint every day, everywhere. If you do that, eventually you`ll find your own voice. That`s a fact.


    Any last thoughts you would like to add?

    If you like to draw or paint, do it. If you like art, and if you can do, buy it. Being an artist or helping artists to continue to do what they love, is a marvelous way to make this a better world.


    What can customers expect from your pieces if they choose to purchase them from BeArty?

    I’m very peased to be a part of BeArty. I really think that is a new way to make art affordable for anyone. In my situation, BeArty is essential to ensure that my work will be recognized globally.

    Moto GP 58 Simoncelli by Pablo Franchi