Mark Ashkenazi


"Mark, an Israeli photo artist, based in New York, focus on eclectic mediums. Mark's portfolio ranges from eye-catching ,pop art, comics and cartoons to portraits and colorful animal art. 'Each piece of artwork showcases my feelings and thoughts in the moment' "


Born in Israel, Mark exercised his own strength during a three-year spell in the army. He then moved to New York City in his late twenties. There, he found the freedom to express himself, and began working as a graphic designer and interior designer professionally. NYC's world-famous cityscape and diverse demographics gave him the opportunity to pursue his passion for photography too. By moving to New York City, Mark joined the myriad of peoples who have emigrated to the Big Apple to seek new opportunities. His designs are influenced by the life across the Atlantic and his use of iconic buildings and imagery such as the striking and richly colored Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty or Spiderman and other Marvel characters - all scream America. He also dreamed of being a famous singer, perhaps explaining the dramatic quality of the majority of his works. "Colours put happiness into my life", said Ashkenazi, and the vivid colorfulness of each of his images certainly translates into an undeniable sense of optimism. His designs are confident, free and refuse confinement, much like New York City itself.

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